Week 20 Update

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Team Ella's Gift to Team Cassidy

There is an amazing little girl and family that we met shortly after moving to Texas, they have a team of their own, Team Ella.

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Week 11 Update

We have completed our 11th week since our big day and we are happy to report that Cassidy is doing well. The two areas of concern have settled down – her blood tests (creatinine) and blood pressure have been stable and within a good range, the Continue Reading »

Week 7 Update

It's been just over 7 weeks since transplant and a couple weeks since our last update. We are pleased to report that Cassidy has been doing well as it has been a calm couple weeks...

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Luke... I Am Your Father

(From Renae) I’m not sure what the title of this blog has to do with what I’m going to write about, other than it’s Father’s Day, and our son’s name is Luke, so it seemed fitting.

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Our First Setback

Today (Friday, June 7th) was a family affair at the hospital visit for our CT scan, all five of us went simply to be together. As Renae’s Thursday update indicated, we have been seeing some issues with Cassidy’s blood work that we have focused Continue Reading »

Directly from Cassidy

We've talked a lot about her, now you get to "hear" directly from her. To all you generous donors, this is what you are investing in. Her school, Western Hills*, interviewed her just before surgery and put together this amazing piece.

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Getting Stronger

Cassidy continues to gain strength every day. Yesterday we were able to take a trip to the “play room” and Cassidy beat dad at “Sorry”. Cassidy and I loved having Nick here with us! Cassidy's kidney function is still excellent. 

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The Next Day

We have had a huge successful day! Nick was discharged from the hospital and reunited with Cassidy. Cassidy’s new kidney is performing awesomely. Her blood tests are showing numbers that we have never seen before. Cassidy is getting stronger by Continue Reading »

Transplant Day!!!

For those of you who are not on Facebook, we wanted to share today's (good) news. 

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Off to the Hospital!!!

Cassidy is off to the the hospital!! The next time we see this beauty at home again she will have new body parts. 

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It's a Date!


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A Look Behind the Scenes

My name is Jessica Dazey, most of my friends call me Jess and for some reason most of my family calls me Jessica—either one is fine with me. I want to introduce myself because I am the one behind the scenes organizing the fundraising effort for Continue Reading »

A Message from Mom

Today is a big day for our family and for this whole process. This is the moment we have been building up to for 4 years now. Today, on April 23, all the doctors who have been evaluating Nick will decide if they will allow him to donate a kidney to Continue Reading »