A Look Behind the Scenes

My name is Jessica Dazey, most of my friends call me Jess and for some reason most of my family calls me Jessica—either one is fine with me. I want to introduce myself because I am the one behind the scenes organizing the fundraising effort for COTA on behalf of Cassidy, as the Community Coordinator and Public Relations Coordinator.

I am honored to serve in these roles.

The Bogner family moved in across the street from my husband and I about two years ago and our families quickly became close friends. In these short two years, we have grown to know and love one another in a way that can only be explained by the beauty of God’s plans in action. So, to the family and friends of the Bogners whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, I am here for any questions you may have about the fundraising campaign. I am here when you have questions about what is going on when you don’t want to ask Nick or Renae directly. I am here for any ideas for fundraisers or resources you have or think would be helpful. In short, I’m here for any and everything relating to Cassidy’s transplant journey.

We have been very busy preparing, organizing and implementing local fundraising efforts and events, which we will be announcing very soon. Tomorrow, a Media Alert will go out to all media outlets across DFW, marking the official start to the COTA for Team Cassidy campaign! That said, please check back regularly for events and updates to be posted. Many exciting things are in the works that I’m so excited to share with all of you. And of course, please consider donating to COTA on behalf of Cassidy.

It’s my pleasure to meet you,

Jessica Dazey


  • Renee Greenwood

    Jess, I’m am so grateful that God put your paths together!! I love knowing they have such amazing friends so close! Thank you for all you do ??

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