Our First Setback

Today (Friday, June 7th) was a family affair at the hospital visit for our CT scan, all five of us went simply to be together. As Renae’s Thursday update indicated, we have been seeing some issues with Cassidy’s blood work that we have focused on the last few days. Long story short, blood work was worse today and the CT scan confirmed a narrowing (stenosis) in the kidney’s artery where it joins up with her main artery. They admitted her even before getting the CT scan results because of the blood work until they know what is going on. So we have an unexpected stay at the hospital. There is no plan yet, we will talk to the chief of transplant tomorrow and circle the wagons. -Nick

I drew a picture on an iPad while explaining it to Cassidy tonight but maybe it will provide clarity for others. I’m not a doctor or an artist and we don’t know for sure if this is the only issue. But it is one issue. The blue circle highlights the issue.


Us coming into the hospital


Tears when we had to break up.



Getting setup back in a hospital room. (She looks more sad here than she actually was, but it reminds me that some steps of this process are not going to be without discouragment)


Had to buy some gift shop pajama bottoms, they are a real doozy. Strategically cropped picture.


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