The Best News Yet!

For years I have had a deep desire to donate a kidney to Cassidy... I’m fortunate to be a match, tests have shown I have strong kidney function, and I have been healthy throughout my life. It just made sense that I should be the donor, but we have had some setbacks along the way that have caused us to doubt whether it would be that easy. The setbacks were not black and white disqualifications, but “concerns” about the risks surrounding my long-term health and whether having only one kidney would be problematic for me in the future. I also received mixed messages from the various medical professionals we consulted. So the lack of clarity made it a frustrating process - being so close, but feeling so far away.

Years ago, around age 12, when we told Cassidy that her dad may be the one to give her a kidney, she reacted negatively. She didn’t want a boy’s kidney and thought it would be too big and had general anxiety about the whole thing. Then, one day she came home from school really happy and said to Renae (mom) “I was going to the bathroom, and God said, let your dad give you a kidney.” She went on to tell Renae how she felt good about it and that she wants dad’s kidney “because dad is strong and she needs a strong kidney.” It is a story that many of you have heard, but I tell it because of this… Not only did God give Cassidy clarity and peace in that moment, but He also spoke to me through her. I have quietly held onto this for the last 5 years even through discouragement and doubts.

It’s hard to describe what being so close, yet so far, has been like, but the great thing now is that I don’t have to - we just received word that I have been cleared to be a donor. We are so excited. And while this will be difficult for our family to endure, we are ready for Cassidy to have stable health and to get the energy boost she needs. Great things are coming. -- Nick Bogner


  • Edie Adams

    Nick, that is wonderful news. God is so sweet and kind to his children. I will be praying for all of you.

  • Melodee

    Thanking Jesus. Such great news we continue to pray.

  • Aunt Beth

    Yeah! Great news!

  • Jenn

    This makes me happy! Great news! Love to you all!

  • Amy

    Wow! That is fantastic news!! Love you all!

  • Shawn Bjorklund

    Wonderful news! Praise God! I’m praying for God’s full healing and His peace for your amazing family!

  • Bruce and Robin

    God is Good! We all knew that though! So very happy for Cassidy and your whole family! We love you and will continue to pray for you all for strength and health!

  • Lori Stendell

    Nick, I’m so relieved to hear you were cleared for donating a kidney to Cassidy. It’s A God Thing for sure!

  • Stacie

    Praise God and for your faithfulness to Him! Blessed to be a blessing ????

  • Jen Willett

    So grateful to hear this news! Thank you for being an example and light as I navigate how to glorify God on this path of having a medically fragile child also. You are all an inspiration! May we continue to put our greatest hope in the sanctification these trials can accomplish in our lives. He is faithful to complete what we cannot.

  • Vickie Rekow

    Oh my what an amazing part of this story. So praying for you and your family.

  • Aunt Cheryl

    Such a huge blessing to hear all is moving forward with the transplant! God's timing is ALWAYS the best. You and Renae are fabulous parents, and Cassidy is such a blessing. God has big plans and they are always perfect plans!! We are praying for everyone and everything. Love you guys so much. ??????????

  • Virgil & Angela

    We are so incredibly happy for you all! We've prayed with you through the years as you've been through this journey. Though we're states apart, and don't see each other as often as we'd like, we love you all, and we're family. We'll always stand with you in prayer, and we're celebrating with you guys up here in Washington!!

  • Shannon Mirich

    YAY!!!!! The BEST news! We are honored to have the privilege of praying for this and seeing such a perfect answer.

  • Veronique

    We are praying for you both! Please let us know how you are doing!! ??????????????????

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