Day 2 is in the books

Two days and 16 hours of appointments has all of us pretty tired. We've met a lot of members of the transplant team including the transplant doctor, cardiothorasic surgeon, child life, infectious disease, transplant coordinator, social worker, psychologist and then some and everyone seems really nice, which makes this process a lot easier. Most of this week is designed for the transplant team to gather as much info as they can about Erin and her body. While we are learning a little more, we won't find out anything concrete about her transplant chances until next Thursday. We did get to tour the Ronald McDonald long term apartments and they are very nice. The apartments within 5 minutes of the hospital, have 2 bedrooms and come fully furnished. If Erin is listed and an apartment is available we like this option very much, but it will only be possible with COTA donations because they cost $750 a month. So, from the bottom of our hearts, we can't thank you enough for sharing our story and supporting us. Erin continues to struggle health wise and we are hoping she won't need to be hospitalized once we return to Wisconsin. Two more days of testing and an 8 hour car ride home....yeah!!!


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    They say pictures can speak a 1,000 words...

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