Together again

One month. It was exactly one month from the time Erin and I left Green Bay that we were together again as a family. Paul and the kids made the 9.5 hr drive down on Tuesday (that's right 9.5 hrs due to about 6 potty stops!). We had pizza and presents Tuesday night, the zoo and family time on Wednesday, and Thursday morning they loaded back up and headed home. The visit was way too short, but it was definitely good to see everyone. Lots of hugs and kisses were exchanged as we don't know the next time we will be together again. As they headed home, we headed in for Erin's weekly checkup this morning and her lung function had dropped to 24%. This combined with an increased need for oxygen, a lot more mucus production, loss of appetite and low energy and the team admitted Erin to the hospital for what looks like will be a 2 week stay. Cross off one more holiday that we will be spending in he hospital! Happy New Year everyone!


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