COTA Event Thermometers Make Registration Easy

An important step for promoting a COTA fundraiser in honor of your COTA patient is adding it to the Events tab on your COTA campaign website. If you would like to accept online payment and/or registrations for this fundraiser separately from general website donations, consider adding a COTA Event Thermometer and Google Form.

For instance, a COTA community campaign planning a virtual 5k that wants to accept online registrations and have access to contributor information for reservations, t-shirt sizes or additional registration details would find these features helpful. A COTA Event Thermometer is also helpful for community campaigns that want to track any kind of fundraising totals separately from the general campaign donations for a short duration.

Advantages of a COTA Event Thermometer and Google Form:

  1. A separate Goal and Event Thermometer will be used for the specific COTA fundraiser. Funds raised will simultaneously be displayed on the main campaign website thermometer and counted toward the overall fundraising goal.
  2. Event Thermometers can be reused for future fundraisers. Funds raised can be reset to zero and the event details can be changed.
  3. A Google Form allows you to easily gather information such as number of registrants, t-shirt sizes, email and mailing addresses, and more. This information can be pulled at your convenience via the Google Forms website. You will also be notified instantly when a form is completed by a registrant.
  4. Event registrants’ names and amounts paid can be displayed or hidden on the expanded Event Thermometer’s scrolling contributor list.
  5. The Event is hosted on your COTA community campaign website; therefore, you can take registrations, accept online payments and track funds separately — all without supporters leaving the page.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in using a COTA Event Thermometer and Google Form for an upcoming fundraising event, contact COTA at

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