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Alan Flanigan, 39 years old, received his dual transplant, with the heart on April 17th and the kidney on April 18th, 2022, at the Cleveland Clinic. This is Alan’s second heart transplant. The severity of his heart failure, while waiting for this life-saving transplant, irreparably damaged his kidneys as well. Alan had been living at home with his wife, Nicole, and their (now 3 year old) daughter, Reese.  Alan loves hockey, playing...

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Alan Flanigan

Toledo, OH

Transplant Type: Heart & Kidney

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $75,000.00

Raised: $58,824 of $75,000 goal

Raised by 165 contributors


Spring (give Alan a) Break


So, in my mind this was a short update as we are lacking many answers, but that's not how I ever end up writing. We have spent the past... Continue Reading »

Radio Silence


My appologies to those relying on these updates, truly. I know that was a large gap. Two reasons. First, and ironically, my whole last post was about waiting... Continue Reading »

When to Celebrate?!


I am truly sorry for abandoning these posts. I kept waiting for some monumental milestone to announce definitive news to you all that it was finally time to... Continue Reading »

Return to the real world


The six weeks since returning home have been filled with so many themes and changes that each time I wanted to write, somethng new appeared in our life... Continue Reading »



For those who don't know, this past week has been an absolute joyful blur. On Thursday, Alan's team decided his heart was strong enough to leave the hospital... Continue Reading »

At the Finish Line


There is so much to unpack from these past 2 weeks both medically and personally, so buckle up as this will be a long one. Happily, we will... Continue Reading »

Fluid, fuel for the soul, and fundraisers


It seems our worlds are still stuck in a cycle. Kidneys are still injured/delayed and can't eliminate enough fluid; fluid backs up on his heart and lungs and... Continue Reading »

And we wait…


I wish there was more to update but we continue to ride this cycle. His heart is still making slight progress but his fluid is poorly managed and... Continue Reading »

On a Merry-go-round


Last night, I used this phase while talking to my dad to replace the rollercoaster. The up and down swings are way more minimal but we definitely are... Continue Reading »