Update from Sam!

Hey everyone, this is Colton’s good friend Sam and a member of the CotaforColton volunteer team. Just wanted to thank everyone for the insane amount of support. We are currently at $37,000 for COTA and are inching closer everyday to our $50,000 goal!! We have even more events coming including a garage sale in Huntington Woods next weekend where all proceeds go to COTA for Colton. The event starts on Friday, May 21 and goes through Sunday from 9am-5pm. For more information on this event and our other events, please check out the “EVENT” tab here on CotaforColton.com.
I have known Colton for a while but I would say we started getting close in high school with me joining the swim team. Everyone who has been a part of a swim team knows how close you get to your teammates. One of my favorite memories with Colton was going to the Royal Middle School pool with our good friend Cameron and the assistant coach of the swim team, Jim, before my first season on the BHS swim team. For your information, I did not know how to swim before I joined the team. Colton and Jim patiently taught me how to swim and also not chug gallons of pool water. Colton taught me a lifelong skill while creating a lifelong bond. I look forward to the many memories we will share in the future. Love you Colt and I’m sending all my support!!!Swim Team Picture


One thought on “Update from Sam!

  1. Thanks Sam, that is a great memory.

    I am so happy that Colton was a part of such a great team and I am glad to see so many fantastic friendships endure the test of time.
    Love u guys and thanks soooo much foe your support of Colton!!!

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