Big bump in the road

Big bump in the road. Keep your prayers coming!!

Elliana and the Cloin household have had a rough week.
Elliana developed abdominal pain/vomiting/diarrhea on Tuesday, May 2. We went to the clinic and got admitted.  She was in the hospital one night and discharged on Wednesday because she seemed to have improved.

Thursday she vomited out all of her meds. We already had an appointment at the clinic, but was told to pack a bag just in case. Well, we got admitted on Thursday, May 4. They wanted to get an upper and lower scope to look at her stomach and lower colon.  They told us she was going to be added onto the surgical schedule on Thursday and she could not eat or drink. The afternoon turns into evening and no scope.  The told us it was canceled at 7pm. Okay, plan is to get her on first thing in the am, so no food or drink after midnight. Friday morning passes and then we are told she will be in the afternoon. Afternoon passes and then we are into Friday evening and told it would be after 5pm. It is now 6:30 pm and this mom and dad go into action. Bill calling from home and myself going up the chain in the hospital. We finally got the scope at 8:45pm. Lesson: advocate for your child/care and don’t stop!

We finally have some answers today. Her body is having some side effects from the chemo meds. They are changing some meds and we working on treating some of the side effects (fluid overload on her body). We will have to be in the hospital for several more days. No eta on discharge, but most likely next week. Good news is no signs of rejection of the transplant.
We got to meat Miss. Missouri and she got a mini crown (it is on her unicorn stuffy). Finally got her smile back.

Here’s a reason to donate blood or platelets whenever you can. We went through five units of platelets, and one unit of blood in four days. She will most likely need more over the next few days. 

May 9








May 9

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