Huge Milestone T+100

6/23/23. T+100. 
This is a huge milestone. 
Lots of testing these past two weeks. She had to see pulmonary (lung), cardiology (heart), ophthalmology (eyes), audiology ( hearing),physical therapy for retesting. They need to make sure there is no residual side effects from the chemo. We do this again at 200 days, 1 year, and then yearly. 
We r still waiting on the blood work to see how the transplant is working ( how many cell lines have converted to Madelina’s). 
Her blood counts are still low and struggling to increase ( the anti rejection meds are working against her right now). We are hopeful that we can start to wean off the rejection meds this upcoming week and her blood count numbers will improve quickly. 
Once her counts go up some more, she can then leave the house with her N 95 mask to outdoor place with limited people. Like the park at off hours, zoo at non peak hours, and hang out with a friend ( wearing a mask) outside for under 1 hour. She is so excited! Okay, we are all excited about that part. 
She celebrated with some cool light up spinners  from the neighbors. 
She took a picture with her art work for the kids for cancer benefit auction this fall. 
Remember to sign up to participate or help with the upcoming 5k. 
Thank you to all the sponsors!

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