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Kennedy was diagnosed with OTC Deficiency, a type of Urea Cycle Disorder, this past winter. This amazing little human is our world, our hearts, and a fighter. She is our warrior baby (really a toddler now!). Urea Cycle Disorders exist on a spectrum. This is a disease where the individual's body is unable to properly break down and remove excess protein from the body. This causes the protein to build...

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Kennedy Tomsche

Elk River, MN

Transplant Type: Liver

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $75,000.00

Raised: $60,666 of $75,000 goal

Raised by 322 contributors


3 Month Post Transplant Update


We are happy to share that Kennedy has been doing well since our update in September! Kennedy had the one initial episode of rejection at the end of... Continue Reading »

One Month Post Transplant + Liver Rejection


We are officially one month post transplant today. It still feels surreal most days - that Kennedy has a new liver and we are no longer waiting.  ... Continue Reading »

Post Op Days 3 – 7 (What day is it??)


We had every intent of updating this page more often throughout the week, but, as you can imagine, having a little one in the hospital takes up all... Continue Reading »

Transplant + Post Op Days 1 and 2


It feels strange to be here - on the other side of waiting for K's transplant. We had no clue when it would happen, and were surprised when... Continue Reading »

More Photos of K!


Hooray for Transplant Day


We got to join Kennedy around 10 am this morning. Lots of people still checking in and keeping a close eye. Technically speaking everything went very well. Just... Continue Reading »

Transplant Time


The Tomsche’s got the call that there is a match for Kennedy. She is currently admitted to the hospital and ready for the transplant to happen at 11... Continue Reading »

A Day in the Life Part 1


We thought it'd be helpful to do some "day in the life" posts to understand the implications of Kennedy's genetic disorder. If any of you are like us (Nick... Continue Reading »

Another Trip to the Hospital


Kennedy unfortunately had to be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. Her ammonia had been a little off here and there since the previous week, and was over... Continue Reading »