September 10

This week started off pretty good. However about 1:00 this morning, her heart rate shot up to 200, then quickly back down. Her heart rate continues to jump up between 160-170, then suddenly drop down, quickly. To bring her heart rate back down to a consistent and normal rate, she was given medication to help with that.  

Through all of this, she maintains her happy demeanor. She smiles, talks, kicks her little feet and waves her arms…you know, all the cute things that babies do.  

Her pump still looks good and her blood pressure remains at a normal rate. That is doctor’s current area of concern. So they are focused on monitoring those levels. 

Grandma Claudia, Rafa and Aunty Sandy are here to visit. Lani is enjoying their company and all of the toys that they brought her. They are playing, reading and playing music for her. She has grown quite a bit since their last visit. She is now wearing size 3 diapers. Mama bought her some new onesies and dresses. She may in the hospital, but a girl still has to look cute. 🙂 



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