Thank you our donators

A huge shout out to those who have been able to donate to COTA for Team JJ thank you for your support prayer and donations if you can not donate please share. And thanks to those who have been sending support and prayers

JBS company 

Miguel . Kyle

Sebastian . Jesus

Chabelo . El caballo

Juan . Amar

Margarita. . Benard

 Christian . Joel

 Ray . Frankie 

lupe . Joe

 Ernie . Jorge

Robert . Beto

amador. . Manny 

 ramon. . Walter 

 Alex . Raul

Lance . Saloman

Omar . Rosa 

Curt. . Able 

Don. . Ricardo

Gene. . Joel

Juan. . Lucious

Mike. . Juan

Albert. . Zeke

Abdul. . Ismael

Andrea. . Nicholas

Nubia. . Luz

Maribel. . Tina

Jose. . Jose 



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