HOORAY for Lab Results!

Everyone! This new move has been truly such a positive change for Valen’s liver functions. Not only are the Krasnovs truly thriving in Minnesota, they have a liver team that is phenomenal. His liver functions/lab results are the best they have ever been. Upon his arrival to Minnesota, the new liver team were confident they could improve his numbers, and they have achieved this, drastically. 

We look forward to more positive changes to his care!

Check out Valen’s first few weeks in Minnesota:

3 thoughts on “HOORAY for Lab Results!

  1. Way to go Valen! We are so happy for you jumping into a new place and being so strong and brave! You are a rockstar!

  2. Just keep jumping over all the hurdles, yiu for this! ((String warrior))
    Love to see you so happy and enjoying your new environment! You are getting so tall! ((Hugs)) xoxoxo

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