Introduction to Valen!

Hey everyone! For those of you who haven’t followed Valen’s journey before, this is Valen Krasnov. He is 6 years old! These photos are all post transplant. You can see him with his mom and dad, Kelsey and Zac. You can see him playing with his sister, Kora. You can see him grinning from losing his first teeth. What you may not see in these photos are the memories of his move to Wisconsin, his new friends in his cul de sac, his first snow experience, his love for sports, his first day as a kindergartner, and many more. His family and friends are more than thankful for all of these memories which were made possible through organ donation.

Thank you and continue following along!

Valen Krasnov

Somerset, WI

Transplant Type: Liver

Transplant Status: Waiting for Transplant

Goal: $50,000.00

Raised: $31,341 of $50,000 goal

Raised by 57 contributors

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Valen!

  1. You are a very handsome young man Valen, even with a few less teeth. I’m happy that you enjoy playing with your sister. Maybe there will be more snow for you to sled on next year. But not too much.

  2. Valen your smile confidence bravery are an inspiration to us every day. We love you. A Warrior .

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