Our Story

Viet was finally born on September 12th, 2010. Viet's birth was a blessing, but sadly, he arrived into this world with complications that most parents, let alone new parents, could ever expect. At birth, Viet's hemoglobin was abnormally low. They did a number of tests on Viet from birth, up until 9 months; it was at 9 months when medical health professionals had come to a diagnosis for Viet: Hemoglobin...

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BIG UPDATE!!: Viets surgery is a success!!!


Viet has been doing really well after his surgery! Thank you so much everyone for supporting him!!! In the beginning there was a lot of pain for Viet,... Continue Reading »

Life changing surgery tomorrow!!


Viet's big day is coming up tomorrow! Thank you everyone for supporting Viet, and for all of the prayers and kindness. We are very nervous but so excited... Continue Reading »

UPDATE: Viet started his treatment /finished his second chemo!!


It's been a very busy 2024 for us, but Viet did finally begin his treatment for his surgery- which is a chemo treatment, and as of now he... Continue Reading »