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Towards the end of October 2022, we first noticed that William had some petechiae (small red dots) in his eyes.  As we looked closer, we noticed more on his body and that he also had a fair amount of bruising on his arms and legs.  Our oldest son Alex had experienced something similar when he was a year old, so we had our suspicions that something was wrong.  We quickly...

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William Anderson

Goodyear, AZ

Transplant Type: BMT/Stem Cell

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $75,000.00

Raised: $37,123 of $75,000 goal

Raised by 108 contributors


Happy Rocks and Compression Socks!


To give you all a little insight into how Will is wired, last July before we formally started the transplant process Will was having a particularly hard day... Continue Reading »

Has Anyone Seen the Other Shoe? Oh Wait…


Alright well my title is funny to me but likely needs explaining like many things in my life.  The saying “waiting for the other shoe to drop" feels... Continue Reading »

He’s Just Alex


Alright…well first off let’s give everyone an update on our favorite BMT patient Will!  While the steps over the last couple of weeks have been small, they have... Continue Reading »

Spring Break?


Yes I know its been over a month since I last updated the blog.  I originally intended to update this once a week to document our journey, but... Continue Reading »

A Day In the Life


Updates these days are few and far between as Will still remains in a critical place and all the meds, treatments, appointments, infusions, dressing changes, bloody noses, swelling,... Continue Reading »



Why, why, why???? This was from a drive into the hospital a couple of weeks ago before all of the recent excitement. It's one of the few pictures... Continue Reading »

Wins and Losses, Passing Day 100 and a little thing called Transplant Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy!


The updates are coming a little farther apart these days as we work through a very slow, gradually changing routine on Will’s health.  However, this week brought in... Continue Reading »

Resolutions and Trying Not To Feel Left Behind


First and foremost, Happy New Year to all of you reading this.  I hope you have all had a safe and happy holiday season, a Merry Christmas, Happy... Continue Reading »

Going Home Again


Whew! A lot has been going on since I last updated the blog back in November.  Back on the 25th of November it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving... Continue Reading »