Halloween Provides Opportunities for ‘Spooktacular’ COTA Fundraisers

Halloween can spark frighteningly good ideas for COTA fundraisers that are suitable for witches and ghosts of all ages. Here are some eerie events featuring pumpkins, costumes, ghoulish goodies and Halloween fun!

Costume Party. Already hosting a scary fun party this year? If so, you can turn it into a COTA fundraising opportunity. This twist on a dinner fundraiser puts participants young and old in the spirit of Halloween. Encourage guests to dress up and provide prizes for best costumes. Include typical Halloween activities like bobbing for apples and a hayride as well as a silent auction to increase fundraising proceeds.

Haunted Corn Maze. Entertain the bravest members of your community with a haunted corn maze. Partner with a local farmer who has not yet cleared their fields to create a maze within the cornstalks. Enlist volunteers to be stationed throughout the maze to jump out and scare people.

Festival Booth. Many communities have an annual Halloween festival that is planned and promoted by the town, so all you have to do is rent a booth. The event’s host may even offer a discount for nonprofit organizations. Consider selling Halloween-themed baked goods to help with transplant-related expenses. You can also have a pumpkin sale. As families search for pumpkins for their annual jack-o-lantern displays, many would prefer to make the ‘perfect pumpkin purchase’ while helping a worthy cause.

Zombie or Costume Run. Put a scary twist on your everyday 5K with this festive fundraising event. For a Costume Run, participants are encouraged to dress up in their best Halloween costumes. For a Zombie Run, recruit volunteers to serve as zombies, enlist the help of a makeup artist to deck out volunteers in ‘rotting’ get-up, then station volunteer zombies at different locations throughout the course to chase human runners.

Trick or Donation. Instead of going door-to-door in your neighborhood asking for Halloween treats, try asking for contributions to your COTA community campaign instead. Volunteers can dress up in their best costumes and visit different parts of the community with COTA coin canisters.

For more fundraising ideas, visit the Volunteers area of COTA.org or send an email to CampaignInfo@cota.org.

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