Spring Blooms with Fundraisers for Your COTA Community Campaign

Spring is just around the corner … and with it comes showers, flowers and many creative fundraising opportunities for your COTA community campaign. Here are a few ideas to consider as you plan springtime COTA campaign fundraising activities:

Flower and Plant Sales.  Help gardeners prepare for spring by selling flower bulbs or bedding plants. Consider partnering with a local greenhouse for assistance. Supporters can enjoy the start of spring with beautiful flowers while contributing to COTA in honor of your local patient.

April Fool’s Day Pranks.  Partner with local stand-up comedians or radio hosts and appeal for contributions, in which the comedians pull prank phone calls in exchange for a contribution to the COTA community campaign. Another community prank to consider is a ‘flocking’ fundraiser, where supporters can make a contribution to have a friend’s yard ‘flocked’ (covered in plastic pink flamingos).

Spring Cleaning Rummage Sale.  Ask supporters to contribute items they might normally give away or sell to a spring-cleaning COTA rummage sale. Set up shop at a volunteer’s house or a well-trafficked public space. Publicize that proceeds from the sale will benefit your COTA community campaign.

Fashion Show.  The fashion industry follows the cycle of the seasons; therefore, spring is a great time to hold a fundraiser that showcases new trends. Hold a fashion show and partner with local boutiques, recruit volunteers for models, find a local celebrity to host, and charge for entry.

Easter provides a wonderful opportunity for COTA fundraising activities, such as:

  • Easter Egg Hunt.  Secure space at a public park and charge for registration. Sell tickets ahead of time to ensure you have enough supplies for participating kids.
  • Easter Egg Surprise.  Collect plastic Easter eggs and fill each with a ‘surprise.’ While most will include candy or trinkets, fill a few with larger surprises (such as a restaurant gift certificate, event tickets … the ideas are limitless). Participants will make a contribution to select an egg to receive an Easter Egg Surprise.
  • Be the Easter Bunny.  For a contribution to your COTA community campaign, volunteers can hide Easter eggs in the supporter’s yard to be found on Easter Sunday. This is a great way to raise funds and engage with your community.

Please visit the For Volunteers section of COTA.org for more fundraising ideas and contact CampaignInfo@cota.org with any questions. As always, we would love to receive photos from any and all of your upcoming spring COTA fundraisers!

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Fundraising for Transplant-Related Expenses

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