Wesley's First Birthday!!!

Wesley wearing his Birthday CrownWesley's Pooh Birthday CakeWesley eating birthday cupcake

Wesley just turned 1! We were happy to be able to celebrate with family and friends at home with his Winnie the Pooh themed birthday party! He got lots of clothes and presents. We made food that was deliberately low-protein to showcase to everyone how difficult it is to find foods without protein, which he would need to do. Even vegan and vegetarian options tend to have a good amount of protein in them. I made little bumblebee cupcakes for Wesley that had less than 1 gram of protein in them (not an easy feat!) that Wesley LOVED! He scarfed down his cupcake and got thoroughly messy (as he should). All in all, everyone had a great time and Wesley loved it!

On another note, we were called by Pittsburgh for a third time the day before we got his 12-month vaccines. Unfortunately, the liver was denied because it was inappropriate for transplant purposes, so no liver for Wesley yet. We got his vaccines, so he will not be eligible for a transplant for 30 days, so we can relax during June while we wait for him to be eligible again.
He's been doing great trying to walk EVERYWHERE! He's pulling up, trying to cruise, and demanding to be taken on walks constantly. He doesn't have the balance yet, but he's determined to be walking soon. We're not as enthused about the walking, because then we have the problem of a mobile baby running around!


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