Steady routine of focus, optimism and granola

I’ve fallen into a steady routine that fortunately doesn’t have to do with hospital beds or infusions for a change. 

My day-to-day mostly consists of long walks with my dog Wolf, a run, lifting weights, and studying for pretty much the rest of the time. I listen to Alan Watts lectures on philosophy during those long walks first thing in the morning. I don’t have Instagram/Facebook on my phone to minimize distraction.

During what we hope is the last of pandemic, I’ve been trying to make the time I have as productive (and relaxing) as possible, focusing on what is going to pay off in the long term.

Right now, I’m enrolled at Scottsdale Community College and taking courses in philosophy, logic, psychology, math, and English. All of these subjects are extremely interesting to me, and I literally enjoy them… I haven’t enjoyed school in quite some time.

After I’m done with a day’s studying, I go onto Fastweb and apply to as many qualifying scholarships as I can. After a good homemade meal at the end of the day, I pour myself a hefty bowl of granola with fruit in it. I cannot think of any better desert.

If I’m really lucky, there will be a new episode of The Expanse on Amazon video. I started watching The Expanse in early May during recovery. I know it’s cheesy to say, but the show keeps me optimistic that technology and science will advance to such a level that we will explore our solar system. It’s quite a way to doze off into sleep.

How’s my liver? Well, my scar is healing nicely. I see my hepatologist monthly and get bloodwork done regularly. So far so good. Taking my medicines I have down to an artform and there are still quite a few. Happy to be here, so it’s all good!

Adam by the Fountain Hills lake

Adam Kurth

Scottsdale, AZ

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