Cancer-free at 9-month checkup!

Adam was given the all clear for another three months, when his oncologist told him his labs and scan both look clear. No lymphoma was detected! We are beyond happy with this news! 

Cancer and liver disease?? If you missed the connection between Adam’s April 2020 liver transplant and lymphoma, here’s the low-down: 

Adam at Phoenix Children's Hospital for his 9-month checkupAt the time of his transplant — one month shy of his 19th birthday — Adam was one of five documented cases in the world to have both primary sclerosing cholangitis liver disease AND lymphoma. Often, PSC patients develop cholangiocarcinoma, or bile duct cancer. That condition — the one doctors suspected he had — has only a 5-year survival rate of 10-15%, depending on its stage at diagnosis.

Instead, Adam’s ex-plant (his original liver that was removed) was half full of lymphoma, a type of blood cancer that is the most aggressive and fast growing.

After recovering during the early stages of the initial wave of a COVID-19 pandemic, Adam spent the summer of his 19th year in chemo. 

You can see why we are so happy about the good news! 

Adam Kurth

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