Betty is turning one!

Betty is turning one!
These words bring me so much joy to write. We have had a year to remember and can’t believe the support we have been given. It’s time to ask for more. We are launching an online auction on December 2nd to help raise funds for COTA in Honor of Betty. Please consider clicking the link and placing a bid.
Ok that’s the hard part, asking for help now let’s talk about Betty. My favorite subject these days. Parents always tell you you won’t know how it feels until you’ve had your own, man are they right. The feeling I’ve experienced in the last year can never be explained. A year ago today we walked on Alki beach trying to imagine and plan for the next few days. It was hard then to imagine Betty today. That’s who I should be talking about.
Betty brings so much happiness to us and those around us. She is growing and learning everyday. She tolerates so much with very little complaining. She is learning to eat and stand and will soon walk, I only hope we will be ready. She sleeps through the night(most nights). She is excited to see new places. I would say her biggest complaint is going to the hospital and don’t blame her. Poor girl got a fever two weeks ago and got poked and prodded for 3 days. She came out on top and back to her normal joyful self. Hopefully the pictures attached show how sweet and wonderful she is. I am out of words.
Andrya and I are back to work and making it happen. As many new parents know this transition can be difficult. Cascade Medical has been supportive in so many ways. They have been flexible with schedules and treated us so well. They take the best care of Betty when we bring her in. We couldn’t have done this without them or the support of others who are reading and sharing this. Moving forward we can still use help, Andrya and I are working a lot less then we used to, we worked a lot. Between this and all the extra expenses Betty brings, we could still use help financially. Donations made to COTA in honor of Bettys Big Heart are available for a lifetime of transplant-related expenses.
Please consider joining our online auction and please share with others. The support we have received is unbelievable and will never be forgotten. We look forward to celebrating Betty’s first birthday and sharing with all of you.

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