“Beach Babe”

“Beach babe” – a salty little sweetheart with sandy toes and a sunkissed nose.

For a toddler that has never been swimming or even taken a bubble bath, he sure has a love for playing in any type of water. From water hoses, water tables & splash pads, he doesn’t let it stop him from being a happy baby and having the best time. Summer time, pool days and beach trips are getting so hard because how are you supposed to tell a 2 1/2 year old, he can’t get in the water and swim with his siblings. Echo crying to get into the pool or the tub during bath time and having to say no is a hard thing to tell a toddler. It’s a heartbreaking moment. Echo having peritoneal dialysis makes it where he can’t submerge his body into any water, so no baths only quick showers. It will be the most joyful but tear filled day seeing him able to jump right into the pool, ocean and even a bubble bath. We can’t wait for the biggest beach day where we can see his sandy little self running into those beach waves! 🩵 🌊

Echo Brock

Climax, GA

Transplant Type: Kidney

Transplant Status: Waiting for Transplant

Goal: $40,000.00

Raised: $5,285 of $40,000 goal

Raised by 6 contributors

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