August 2021

I realized I haven’t made any updates since Ethan’s last procedure in June. He has been doing really well; he’s had a couple of changes with formula and a couple of days where he doesn’t feel good but he has been doing really good overall. Since his labs have been doing well, we were able to skip the July transplant clinic and now we wait until later this month to travel to Omaha again. He will be having his 9 month post-transplant visit and we will changing his peg tube that was placed in June to a different gastric tube. 

If anyone is in the NWA area, and would like to donate blood in honor of Ethan, we are hosting an event (#EthanStrong) for the American Red Cross on October 11th from 10am-2pm. I will be posting more information here and on his facebook page as time gets closer. Come help us save more lives!

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