6 Ds – What Could They Be?!

It’s decidedly deliberate that we have 6 definitive developments to describe and display this month:

1. These double DOORS showed up one morning in front of our house! Hmmm, what could they be for? Undoubtedly, we are deterred from telling you now, but we’ll deliver one more clue….

2. This dextrous dude set up a drone to document the DRAMA which is still developing, so stay tuned!

3. After a ten month delay, Manny finally received his medical clearance from the DMV, attended Behind the Wheel, obtained his Learner’s Permit, and is now officially DRIVING, praise God! Just look at that determination! Please pray Manny diverts danger and safely practices defensive dynamics.

4. Manny attended a DANCE – an English Country Ball! Dressed to the nines, he had a delightful time learning all the different dances:

5. Happy DAD’s Day! Manny loves his devoted dad!

6. Manny had the privilege to read the children’s story during DEEP IMPACT, a week-long local missions opportunity in which high schoolers from all over the Southern states came together to serve in various communities: sharing the Good News, blessing neighborhood kids, and flyering door to door for various churches. Please pray for the enduring impact to deepen.

We will have more news to share next month when Lord willing, Manny will undergo a surgical procedure in late July to further assist his heart, so we ask for prayers as we prepare for this and will update you accordingly. Thank you for continuing to bring Manny before God’s throne of grace!

Until next month, may our Lord bless you and keep you, cause His face to shine upon you, and give you peace, (Numbers 6:24-26)

The Lees

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