Another Milestone for Manny

After having not heard if he received his medical clearance yet from the DMV (even though we submitted all the approved paperwork in a timely manner), we were both relieved and absolutely thrilled that Manny was still able to pass his driving test this month and has now been excitedly driving himself around town, praise the LORD!

We live in an area of exponentially increased housing and business development which means increased traffic around town. For that reason, Manny would like to share with all his newly licensed friends our….

Top 12 Lee Family Safe Driving Practices:

  1. Always remember how many lives you are responsible for.
  2. Assume everyone on the road is reckless and you can be, too. So stay alert, especially when the light turns green – don’t assume it’s clear to go! 
  3. After you apply your Student Driver bumper sticker, make it an inspection habit to walk around your car before getting in to catch any issues like flat or low pressure tires BEFORE you head out on the road. 
  4. Turn on headlights while driving even in broad daylight; turn off once parked.
  5. Always use your alarm on the remote and don’t fidget with it.
  6. If pulled over by police, be ready to present your drivers license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration card.
  7. If you get into an accident, if in middle of traffic, if possible, pull SAFELY to side of road, NEVER admit fault, take photos, exchange insurance info with one another. Call 911 if suspected injury and major vehicle damage. If very minor accident (fender bender, bumper scratch, slight dent), you may want to deal with it OOP (Out of Pocket) without insurance so neither of you have to file a claim. In that case, get the other driver’s phone # and take photos! Never stand outside of car near passing traffic; stay safe – get back in car if possible. Call your parents ASAP.
  8. If you get a flat tire or need roadside assistance, safely call for a tow truck to your location. Call your parents ASAP.
  9. If you have a choice between hitting an animal that leaps into the road or another driver, avoid both if possible but if necessary, don’t be afraid to hit the animal! If you have a choice between hitting another driver or running off the side of the road safely, run off the road! 
  10. Always leave plenty of following distance in front of you whether in motion or stopped behind another car. Then you’ll never be at fault for ramming someone from behind!
  11. If you go the speed limit or no more than 4 miles over the speed limit (unless the speed flow of traffic on freeway is significantly higher or lower) and always make a complete stop at stop signs, you’ll never get a moving violations ticket. 
  12. Better to show up late than dead, because no good comes from hurrying. Also, distracted and/or sleepy driving = DEATH. 💀 

(Please note: this list already trusts our children do not partake in addictive substances which is why there is no mention about drinking and driving, not to mention that would be illegal anyway!) Please pray for the safety of not just Manny as he hits the road, but new teen drivers everywhere. It’s a frightening prospect for parents to consider, isn’t it, not knowing if their child, who heads out the door car key in hand, will return to them later that day or night? Yet as we celebrate Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, may Christ-followers everywhere be reminded of this glorious truth:

“Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has risen; he is not here. See the place where they laid him.” Mark 16:6

“Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” 1 John 5:12

Indeed, Jesus Christ is the ultimate vehicle of our salvation.

Happy Easter!

The Lees

8 thoughts on “Another Milestone for Manny

  1. We look forward to sharing the Lee Family Safe Driving Practices with Christian in a few years. Will pray for God to give drivers everywhere wisdom to make good choices and to help us stay focused on what’s important.

  2. Congratulations, Manny and parents on this milestone! Great reminders to be safe on the road. Happy Resurrection Day!

  3. Congratulations Manny! Driving is an incredible privilege and requires great responsibility of oneself. Before you turn on the ignition, always pray for God’s hand of safety on you and others on the road.
    Thank you to your parents for raising a responsible and conscientious citizen driver.
    Blessings to the Lee family. Happy Easter, our Lord has risen!

    1. Amen, Andrew – Manny wholeheartedly agrees with your prayer tip! Blessings to the beloved Fong family!

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