Mary Ashley Update 9/30/22

Cupcake is joining the party ???? ! MaryAshley’s labs are improving and output is improving! Woot woot????. Her doctor called last night and said NO dialysis today????. We will go back to clinic Monday for more labs and see if she can keep going without dialysis. I can not begin to express our joy and and how grateful we are that so many of you that believed in MaryAshley, Cupcake and us! Being on this intense journey has only been possible because of the love and support of so many! I am so proud of MA and how she has persevered and how she pushes herself to tackle life! We have an amazing medical team here and at home.
We have the best family and friends!
MA said for hurricane Ian to go away- “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Stay safe everyone. We are watching from LA and feeling helpless for all of our SC peeps.

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