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Natalie is a 12-year-old 7th grade student who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. Natalie loves spending time with her friends, singing, playing at the lake, cooking, going to church, swimming, and spending time with her Goldendoodle dog Monty. In 2014 when Natalie was five years old, she was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. After ongoing genetic testing, we learned that Natalie carries a genetic mutation gene which affects her pancreas called a...

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Natalie Atchley

Knoxville, TN

Transplant Type: Islet Cell

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $60,000.00

Raised: $61,261 of $60,000 goal

Raised by 110 contributors


One Year


Hello, Natalie Nation!! It is hard to believe that it has been one year since the big day!!!! So much learning and healing has taken place over the... Continue Reading »

9 Month Update


Hello, Natalie Nation!!! It's been a while. I wanted to send out an update about Natalie, as I know many wonder how she’s doing. She is now 9... Continue Reading »

Welcome Home!!


Hello, Natalie Nation!!! I am so excited, and relieved, to announce that Natalie is back home and the Atchleys are spending the night together under their own roof!!!!... Continue Reading »

Natalie and Monty


Week of Sept. 12 Update


Hello, Natalie Nation!!! I am so excited to report that Natalie has been out of the hospital for a couple of days!!!  When the hospital offered to wheel... Continue Reading »

No thanks, I will walk


Week of September 5th Update


Good evening, friends!!  It has been a busy week for Natalie, Jennifer, and Erech. They have been in a lot of classes learning how to care for Natalie's... Continue Reading »

Wire Free


Tuesday Update


Good evening, Natalie Nation!! I am so excited to announce that last night Natalie was moved out of the PICU....woohoo!!!!!  She is still dealing with some fluid retention... Continue Reading »