El programa Recicla por la Vida del COTA recauda fondos y sensibiliza a la población

Did you know more than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civil observance in the world?

COTA’s Recycle for Life program is an easy and effective opportunity for your COTA community campaign to participate in this environmental movement on Monday, April 22, 2024. Your community can recycle ink jet cartridges, cell phones and other small electronics as a fundraising initiative, while also helping Planet Earth. By partnering with one of several recycling companies, COTA teams receive 100% of the current recycling value for each item collected by their volunteers.  The value of each item varies and is determined by the recycler based on current market values. But any amount is much more than the cartridge would generate in the trash, or what the old cell phone or small electronic is worth in a junk drawer.

Why consider COTA’s Recycle for Life?

  1. It is easy to organize and promote. Items can be dropped off at a central location, such as a community business. For more information and tips, check out COTA’s Recycle for Life Resource in the For Volunteers section of COTA.org.
  2. Your community campaign will receive revenue from sources that would otherwise be untapped. Many COTA community campaigns have generated a few hundred dollars for transplant-related expenses to date.
  3. There are no products to buy or sell.
  4. There is no cost to the community campaign. Even the shipping costs are covered with the recycling companies COTA has identified.
  5. COTA’s Recycle for Life initiative promotes recycling/reusing equipment, which is environmentally friendly.
  6. This opportunity is available to everyone in your community. Businesses, organizations and individuals all have spent ink cartridges and used cell phones that can be recycled.

The Recycle for Life Company Resource List provides descriptions and contact information for recycling companies. Choose the company (or companies) that best meets your COTA campaign team’s needs based on the types of items you have to recycle (ink cartridges, cell phones or small electronics).

If you have any questions about starting a COTA Recycle for Life program, please send an email to CampaignInfo@cota.org.