January 20, 2022 – Day 40

Day 40. I’ll just let that sink in—forty days in the hospital.

There haven’t been a lot of changes since my last update. Arden is still in an inpatient room, and she still has her chest tube. Tomorrow, the doctor plans to remove her picc line from her arm. This line is the last of her IV and central lines.

I will use this update to brag about how fantastic Arden is. She has loved being back in class, even from her hospital room. Today is her third day of remote learning, and she is working hard to attend as many classes as possible. If her teachers could see what she goes through each day, she would win student of the year. Many times over the last few days, she has been in her classes while, at the same time, having two nurses performing vital checks on her. Yesterday, she had an echocardiogram between two of her classes and ended her school day by going directly to her occupational therapy session. She is a true rockstar!

Thank you for supporting our family throughout the hospital stay. Arden has enjoyed reading all your messages, letters, and texts. She knows she is not in this alone.

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