May 4, 2022 Update

Arden continues to thrive with her new heart. She goes to her follow-up cardiologist appointments once a month. As her new heart has acclimated to her body, it has relaxed and beats at a slower, more regular pace. This is excellent news!

We received a letter from the donor family, and we were able to write back to them. We ask that you continue to pray for them as they process their loss.

June 13 will be six months since her surgery. It is incredible to see how much has changed in those six months. Arden has a little over a month left of in-person school. She works hard in her classes and has straight A’s. As Arden turned fifteen and got her learner’s permit, driving lessons have been entertaining.

Arden’s white blood cell count is lower than what the doctors would like. They have made several changes to her medications, but there hasn’t been much improvement. She will always be immune suppressed, but more so during the first year post-transplant. With her WBC level being too low, she is more susceptible to illnesses. We are thankful that she hasn’t been sick since her surgery. Thank you for continuing to blanket her in your prayers.

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