Heart Catheterization Results

On Thursday, Arden had a heart catheterization. The doctors do this routine cath after transplant to assess the new heart’s function. Everything went smoothly during the cath, and there were no abnormal findings. During the cath, the surgeon also did a biopsy of the heart. The biopsy tells the level of the rejection of the heart. The biopsy results range from 0-9. The doctors told us to anticipate at least a level one because of Arden’s high level of antibodies during her hospital stay. The biopsy results came back and were a zero, which means that the doctors caught and treated the antibodies before they could damage the heart. The doctors also checked her antibody level. Arden’s antibody level was also zero, which means that her antibodies continued to decrease once we were home.
We couldn’t have asked for better news. God continues to watch over our sweet girl.

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