January 25, 2022 – Day 45

Arden is strong and healthy enough to go home, but she is still in the hospital because of the chest tube. The doctors decided to try something new to get her out of the hospital sooner. Last night, they clamped the drain tube where it can no longer drain from her lungs. The hope was that the body would absorb the excess fluid, and then they could remove the chest tube. Unfortunately, today’s x-ray showed that the liquid is building up in the cavity surrounding the lungs. The line will remain clamped again tonight, and she will get another x-ray tomorrow morning. If the fluid worsens in her lungs, they will unclamp the tube and let it drain. If it is the same or lessened, they will consider removing the chest tube.

Yesterday was a big day because she is six weeks out from her transplant. After six weeks, she is allowed to start lifting objects again, and she has more mobility in being able to stretch and move her body. No barbells quite yet, but heavy textbooks are okay now.

Arden is continuing to attend school remotely from the hospital. She loves being back in school, but she is still exhausted after a full school day. The staff has been considerate and highly encouraging of her desire to be in school. Thank you to the health care workers who do this every day with smiles on their faces.

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