Elijahs recent struggles

A lot of people don’t know how much your liver actually controls. So I wanted to come on here and let you guys know the kinds of complications Elijah has dealt with due to Biliary atresia.

Fluid retention in his abdomen is also known as ascites.

Unable to absorb nutrients.

Irregular blood clotting is also known as hemophilia.

Unable to maintain his weight more specifically he hasn’t gained any weight In a year.

Hepatic encephalopathy which is a decline in brain function due to a build of toxins in the body.

Despite all of these challenges Elijah has faced he has always remained one of the silliest and happy little kids. His love for everyone shines through and he will always light up every room he is in. This disease picked a tough kid to mess with because Elijah is STRONG, and there is nothing he can’t defeat. The strength he possesses at only two years old is nothing short of admirable.


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