Update #6

Two nights ago, The American Legion of Whiteford, MD hosted a “Party for Emily”. The event was organized by Emily’s mother in-law and father in-law, Deb & Dave Heiner. They were assisted by several friends and neighbors who rounded up over a hundred items for prizes. 
Topping off the items were a $1,000 combination pellet and propane gas grill, with Wi-Fi router, Solo wood outdoor stove, vacations in Ocean City, handicrafts, a 4 lb bucket of Fishers Popcorn and an 80 yard old beautifully crocheted blanket in perfect condition. Just to name a few.
The American Legion donated the use of the hall for the event and even donated a $1,000.00 check to COTA for Emily’s Lungs.com. We received several other cash donations from some of the attendees.121 friends, family and neighbors attended. A four piece musical group lent their talents to a fun evening.
Whiteford is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Harford County, MD., close to the Pennsylvania border.
Everyone enjoyed the games and contests including a 50/50 drawing, mystery boxes, 33 Chinese auction items and 16 silent auction prizes as well as 3 dozen cupcakes donated by Rita’s Deserts of Ocean City. One cupcake buyer won a beautiful stainless steel sports watch.
This “Party for Emily” raised over $11,000.00 that will go into her account at  the Childrens Organ Transplant Association, (COTA), for her future use.
Emily was overwhelmed with the success of the event held in her honor. She has asked us to thank everyone who helped make this event success. They are all now a part of “Team Emily” Emily told us that she is getting better each day and hopes to return home to Ocean City soon. 
Bloggers note: If you would like to donate, any amount to help Emily, please go to: COTA for Emilys lungs.com. COTA accepts ALL major cards. Thank you