Christmas and New Year 2023-2024

Hank is now over 7 weeks transplanted! His sleep is improving, He typically takes a 2 hour nap now, which for many of you may seem typical of a 1 year old, but his previous routine was about 45 minutes max. This is a huge improvement! The night time is also better, while he still wakes up periodically, he generally falls back to sleep and sleeps most soundly in the hours of the early morning. As you can see in these photos, his mouth is open and he is making noises and talking every second of the day. He has learned Molly’s name, he likes to say the word EATING, but doesn’t actually like to eat yet LOL. He does like guacamole! He also describes himself as HAPPY! His favorite Christmas song this year was Feliz Navidad. Unfortunately, Hank, Anika and Rob were inpatient at Boston Children’s Hospital from December 21 – December 30th, but they made the most of the Holiday. People visited, Santa came on Christmas Eve and left a package of new toys. The hospital even provided them with a small tabletop tree. Hank is a joyful, curious, busy 19 month old baby and the doctors continue to be pleased with his progress and all his bloodwork numbers. He is visiting the renal team twice a week through January and then if all continues well, that will become once a week in February.

Thanks for all of the efforts of each one of you, the overall fundraising, the golf tournment the bake sale etc, Anika, Rob, Hank, Charlie and I have all stayed, sometimes together and sometimes a combination of people, at Air BNB in Newton and Watertown. This has been a TREMENDOUS help for everyone. We have been within 20-25 minutes of all the hospital visits. Couldn’t have done any of this without you!!

That being said…… SAVE THE DATE…. we are booked for our 2nd annual golf tournament on September 7, 2024. We will begin registration and advertising in the next 60-90 days and will be sure to let everyone know.

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