Update – September 9, 2023

Good Evening,
First of all, we want to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and support this week.  We really appreciate it.  Knowing that we have so many people supporting us and that God is guiding us is very comforting.  Lorie & Miranda made it back to Pendleton around 11:00 last night (Friday).  We want to thank our friends from Puyallup who were willing to drive them all the way here.  Once Miranda got home, she packed a few things up and headed out to her Aunt & Uncle’s house in Helix for a few days.  We are just taking precautions since Tod still has a few days before he is in the clear.  So far, the COVID tests have all been negative and we hope it stays that way.
As we mentioned yesterday, Miranda’s biopsy results finally came back and they were good.  There are no signs of rejection of her new heart.  So based on all the tests and procedures that have been done this week, Miranda’s heart is doing well.  The doctors have made some adjustments to her medications to try and get some of her levels to where they would like them to be.  We will see if it helps.  They still have not determined the cause of the pain she was having, but it is not heart related.  Miranda will have some follow up appointments regarding this to see if they can identify the cause.
It is hard to believe, but today is the 6 month mark from when Miranda received her new heart.  It does not seem possible it has been half a year.  Where does the time go?  We want to thank all of you for being on this journey with us.  We are so grateful for everything.
Miranda started back to school two weeks ago and is going in-person.  She is very excited.  But then she missed all of this past week, so she is a little bummed.  It is going well for her so far.  Just a lot more activity than she has been used to, but she seems to be handling it okay.  She is also part of the PHS Rhythmic Mode dance team as a manager again this year.  She is enjoying that and being back with all of her friends in dance.  Brittany also started classes at Pacific University two weeks ago and her classes are going well.  She has been busy with them.
Well, this coming week is the Pendleton Round-Up, so things will be very busy around town and we will be busy volunteering and enjoying the activities.  Miranda was actually scheduled to have her heart catheterization and biopsy this coming Monday, so since they did it this week, we do not have to make the trip to Seattle this week.  We hope that everyone in Pendleton has a safe and fun week.
We hope that you all had a wonderful Summer and as the season’s change, your Fall goes well.  Take care and we will try to keep you updated as we have things happening.
Lorie, Tod, Brittany, & Miranda

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