Love – That’s A Match!


Love can cause us to do all sorts of things. Sometimes big things. Sometimes small things. It’s incredibly powerful. And a couple weeks ago, love made me cry. I got a call that screamed “love”, and my involuntary response came via tears and the best “thank you” I could mutter through a cracking voice.

“I’d like to do a match”, the voice said. The voice then continued with, “For the next $20,000, I would like to match dollar for dollar in funds raised for COTA for Oakley Strong.” Yep. Cue the tears.

Fortunately this incredibly generous contributor was gracious to my Aunt Crissy blubbering, and a wonderful conversation ensued. After that call, it was time to get the wheels turning on how we can capitalize on this offer and raise all $20,000 for COTA for Oakley Strong, which after the match means a total of $40,000 (almost half of the total goal!) to the campaign. Cue the tears again!

There are some fun events in the works, one of which has already been posted — I’ll post details for the rest as they are finalized. But in the meantime, would you please consider helping us hit that $20,000 goal? The matching offer stands until July 31, 2023.

A couple quick reminders: click the “see if your company will match your gift” link under the “Give” button, as many employers are already set up, and their match would also go toward that $20,000. Also, all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. And, 100% of funds raised for COTA for Oakley Strong will assist with transplant-related expenses. 100%! Click the “give” button to help!

Thank you so much!!

LOVE (Sculpture by Robert Indiana; Pic credit: Andrew Kline)

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