Match, MATCHED!!

Guys, I totally freaked out ealier today when I realized that the first match – the $5,050 has been met!! That means that through $5,050 of what’s been donated, the $5,050 match, and then the $20,000 match on top of that – a total of $20,200 was raised for COTA for Oakley Strong. I was literally shaking with excitement and gratitude. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Then to boot, there was actually more donated beyond that, which tapped further into the $20,000 match, for another $9,900 raised. [Insert spastic, emotional aunt here!].

Again I repeat: THE ENTIRE $5,050 MATCH HAS BEEN MET !

There’s still another $4,950 available for matching from the $20k match – I wonder if we can hit it by Oak’s birthday on June 13! But mostly, for now, please just know your generosity is incredible and I wish there was a sufficient way to thank everyone for all the love, support, donations and prayers so far. Kindness goes so very far in this life.



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