Update – Procedure March 4, 2024

Hi everyone. Thank you for continuing to follow Rhori’s journey towards transplant. He will have a procedure today to replace the coil stents and Foley catheter on the suprapubic with a tube, resembling a G-Tube. His parents are, “Praying and hoping for the success of the surgery and for Rhori to be able to bounce back as he always does after a procedure. He is our little miracle fighter.”

As his parents stated, Rhori takes all of this in stride. He continues to make those around him smile and wonder at his strength. With that being said, all of the medical procedures and surgeries can take their toll on the Rhori and his family. Rhori has currently been on the Home and Hospital Program through his school where he has been unable to attend in-person, missing his friends, classmates, and teacher. His parents continue to take time off to support Rhori through each doctor’s consultations, appointments, surgeries and emergency visits.

Please consider donating to COTA in honor of Rhori and the family through this journey. No amount is too small, insignificant or underappreciated. Please continue to send good thoughts, prayers and message of hope and support. Thank you!


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