Rhori recovering from surgery


Rhori is doing well after the surgery! Kidney function started making urine the day after, sparking hope to his parents for a smooth recovery, while still very aware of possibilities of complications and infections.


Rhori is now slowly recovering from his procedure, enduring a myriad of medications to get him and his body at full strength. He is able to stand now and slowly ambulate, and once his new kidney functions well, he will be able to come home! This transplant holds the key for Rhori to live a full active life.

Once Rhori comes home, he will have multiple follow up appointments. All to help him adjust and reduce his medication intake until his body can fully acclimate to his new kidney. And for the new kidney to work on its own without any issues or complications. Let’s keep Rhori in our thoughts and prayers for an uncomplicated and full recovery.

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