Good News Update

Wanted to update everyone that we got to take Baby Rose home from the hospital last night! She was feeling so much better and there was no clinical reason that they needed to keep her hospitalized for any longer! It appears that her liver is not in any kind of rejection despite her very high numbers and the doctors just don’t know what could be causing it. It’s all quite the mystery. Her hemoglobin was very low so she got a blood transfusion and that seemed to really help perk her up. We are still waiting on results from the swab on the ulcers in her tonsils. For now, she remains on IV nutrition 20 hours a day, we’re taking the NG tube feeds very slowly and gradually as her stomach needs to “wake back up” yet again and she will need to get 3 shots daily along with all her medicines. But she’s home and feeling better and we are SO THANKFUL!! Thank you to everyone for your kind and compassionate words and generosity and LOVE! I’m feeling better today about life, the future and getting my mind right to birth this next baby!!

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