Wonky Liver Numbers – Update

The nurse just called and said the doctor who is working today said she thinks there is a “stricture” but they want to review the images with. Dr Superina (her transplant surgeon) next week on Tuesday to see what he thinks. If he agrees Savanna will need one of two things done:
1) a bile drain – like she had before that comes out the belly for a while(like months). And has restrictions for bathing and swimming. Which will be such a bummer for summer.
2) I guess Northwestern does a ERCP where they can insert a stent through the mouth down the throat to the bile ducts – but they have to find out if the tools they have are small enough for her. If not, she isn’t eligible. And need option 1 ????
*Adding a photo of the bile drain she had at 21 months for reference.

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