Bile Drain Update

They have confirmed that they think that Savanna has a Biliary stricture that is causing her elevated numbers. 
They would like her to come in for a PTC ( A percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (per-kew-tay-nee-us trans-hep-attic col-an-jee-og-raf-ee) is a way of looking at your bile ducts using x-rays. The doctor puts a long thin needle through the skin and into your liver and bile ducts.) 
They are 90% sure that she will need a bile drain like she had in 2022.
For the PTC she will be admitted for the procedure and stay at least 24 hours. The drain will be in place for at least 6 weeks, at that time they will check to see if the stricture has been “fixed” or if they need to keep the drain in for another 6 weeks. The drain will have to be flushed 1x a day, and she will need to wear some sort of wrap on her belly to keep it out of the way. We plan to send her 2x a week to preschool in the fall, so this will cause a little bit of extra work.
The good thing is they said this is NOT urgent and we can wait until mid-August for the procedure so she can swim the majority of the summer! Which is a huge relief for our water baby! 
We did want to go to Florida in mid-October so hopefully she only needs the drain for 6 weeks and not 12. Because most of Florida vaca is swimming!

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