Jan 15, 2023

Annika is currently in the hospital again. We arrived in Columbus Wednesday for a chest xray and a pending bronchoscopy on Thursday morning. Her bronchoscopy showed lots of secretions in her airways. Cultures and biopsies were sent. Annika was admitted to the hospital after her procedure and started on IV antibiotics. Side note, she lost tooth number 2 during her procedure. Biopsies came back on Friday and showed she is experiencing grade A2 (mild) acute rejection. A viral swab also showed she had yet another viral infection. Also labs indicated a rise in her antibodies against her lungs. She was immediately started on high dose IV steroids. She also recieved IVIG. As of today, she will recieve dose 3 of IV steroids. We are still waiting on final culture reports so as of now she is still on IV antibiotics also. Hopefully we will get out late today or tomorrow. She will have a repeat bronchoscopy in about a month. 

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