February 13, 2023

Annika and I arrived in Columbus last night. We kicked off today bright and early. Chest xrays and lung transplant clinic were first up. The chest xray looks better than the one last month (yeah) and her pulmonary function test was the best she has ever had since transplant at 90% (also yeah). Her lungs sound good. Tomorrow (Tuesday) she will undergo anesthesia for a bronchoscope and lung biopsies. The biopsies will be the ultimate guide to where we are with rejection. 

Annika got her new glasses today. She looks so old in them. We got some sunshine therapy in the park while we were picking up her glasses too.

Feeding clinic this afernoon. Feeding continues to be a step forward and six back. For the next 4 weeks we are focusing only on oral motor exercises and the vanilla yogurt that she is comfortable with. Depending on how it goes will depend on what happens next. 

Procedures never get easier. Both of us are anxious for tomorrow. 

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