The words ‘thank you’ are just not enough…


The words ‘thank you’ are just not enough to show our gratitude for all the love and support we recieved at yesterday’s Daniel Strong Sunday Cornhole Tournament!  

It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day filled with laughter and a little compentiveness! 32 teams competed in the tournament. Congratulations to Team Cook for taking home the win. It was a hard fought battle with Team 86 Alum fighting till the end.

Special thank you to the following:

Steve & Benny’s Chicken Shack donated all of thier profits for the day honor of COTA for Daniel Strong…close to $1,500.00!

Graeters Ice Cream Truck donated a portion of the profits in honor of COTA for Daniel Strong!

Eric from Fireside Events made the day great by donating his time and talents playing all the jams!

The Pitt Cheer & Dance Team with Roc the Panther! You all had the hardest job of them all keeping all those kids entertained…we appreaciate you more than you know. 😉

Also, thank you to all of you have purchased our Daniel Strong shirts & merchendise! We have brought in over $1,400.00 and are still selling!

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