Post Surgery Update

Here is an update directly from Mom:

“It has been 8 hours post-op and everyone is exhausted, but still can’t seem to sleep.  The last 24 hours has been surreal.  Floods of emotions – moments of excitement, nervousness, fright, happiness, and peace.  
Surgery went well, Daniel is doing well!  Our little guy is so tough and his spirits are so bright.  He is such a good little patient.  ICU nurses continue to be amazed at how good he is!  He’s a trooper for sure.  We are extremely lucky to have UPMC Children’s and the great staff to take care of us!
Molly and Danny were able to talk briefly and it made them both so happy!  We are also extremely lucky to have Molly in our life!  Please continue to think of her over the coming weeks during her recovery process!
We are grateful to have a tribe taking care of things on the home front — especially baby sister, Annabella.  Kate is the most amazing friend to have an already busy week with NCAA volleyball in town and now to take on taking care of a mini-human.  Katie is amazing running our COTA website and is driving from Ohio to help with Annabella.  And the many others chipping in to help take care of Annabella while we stay in the hospital.
Thank you to everyone who helped in their own way!  Whether it was prayers, a positive thought, a good vibe, a text, a meal, a donation to COTA, or wearing your Daniel Strong shirt… we felt it.  It was the easiest surgery we’ve had yet, because we weren’t alone!  
Please be patient as we navigate the recovery process and our new normal.  We will continue to give updates as often as we can, but we also will be taking time to focus on healing!”

2 thoughts on “Post Surgery Update

  1. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Danny, Molly and All the Family who Love and Care so very Much! Looking forward to healing, healthy strong lives ahead! We are sending our Love and Very Best Wishes! Blessing to Molly, we are All so Grateful.

  2. So glad everything went well with the surgery. Your aunt Carol promised to keep me posted on all the progress your little man will be making in days and weeks to come. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

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